Best Puppy Pads by Mednet Direct - Over 2 Million Sold!

Introducing Best Puppy Pads™ by MedNet Direct

MEDNET Direct is proud to be the exclusive retailer of Best Puppy Pads™, the number one puppy housebreaking tool. With over 2 million puppy pads sold and counting, your pet can be housebroken in no time just like millions of other pups nationwide.

MEDNET's Best Puppy Pads are available in bulk quantities that are delivered right to your door, so you no longer need to pay for overpriced store brands. Compare to Tendersorb®, Prevail®, Chux®, & Harmonie® brand pads - and SAVE. Simply put, we have the Best Puppy Pads™ at the best price. Now with FREE SHIPPING included! some restrictions apply

About MEDNET Direct's Best Puppy Pads™

Puppy Pads are ideal for use by pet owners, groomers, pet shops, pet trainers, veterinary offices, and breeders. They teach your pet to eliminate on the pad, and eventually outside. Puppy Pads will save you money on expensive carpet and upholstery cleaning bills, training classes, and more.

17 x 24 Best Puppy Training Pee Pee Pads
300 Count
Case Price: $49.95 Add to Cart
Sale Price: $39.99
900 Count Deal! (3 cases of 300)
Case Price: $129.00 Add to Cart
Sale Price: $114.12
23 x 24 Best Puppy Training Pee Pee Pads
200 Count
Case Price: $49.95 Add to Cart
Sale Price: $39.99
600 Count Deal! (3 cases of 200)
Case Price: $129.00 Add to Cart
Sale Price: $114.12
23 x 36 Best Puppy Training Pee Pee Pads
150 Count
Case Price: $49.95 Add to Cart
Sale Price: $39.99
450 Count Deal! (3 cases of 150)
Case Price: $129.00 Add to Cart
Sale Price: $114.12

Our high quality Best Puppy Pads™ are available in 3 different sizes to meet the training needs of you and your pet. Filled with super absorbent cellulose filling, our Puppy Pads won't shift while in use. Even our small size puppy pads can hold a full cup of liquid without leaking. Each Puppy Pad also features a leak proof plastic backing and sealed edges, to prevent drips during cleanup.

MEDNET Direct's Best Puppy Pads™ can also be used for older, ill, or incontinent pets who cannot always make it outside. Puppy Pads will help keep these animals comfortable, and they will not feel guilty for having an accident in the house. If you live in an apartment where dog walking is not always an option- Puppy Pads are great to have on hand to eliminate messes in your small space.

MEDNET Direct's Best Puppy Pads™

  • 3 Convenient Sizes
  • Super Absorbent Cellulose Fill
  • Leak Proof Backing & Edges
  • Bulk "Puppy Pack" Packaging
  • Great Prices- save on furniture cleaners, expensive training classes and more
  • Housebreak Your Pet Quickly & Effectively
  • Useful For Older, Ill Pets too

NEW! Washable Puppy Pads Are Here!

Are you looking for an economical and even more eco-friendly way to prevent accidents? America's leading Underpad & Puppy Pad provider MEDNET Direct now carries a full line of premium Washable & Reusable Pads! Good for 300 washes! And of course only Mednet can bring your the best selection with the best pricing anywhere! Check Out Our Washable Puppy Pads Here

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